Partnerships for a Better Future

EOS Dublin prioritizes partnerships. By teaming up with SECFORCE we are able to test the security of our nodes in numerous ways. Our partnership with TOKENCLUB enables us to work seamlessly with block producers and community members in China, Korea, Japan and other crucial points along the EOSIO network. Working with Arthur Cox ties us to the most important global group for blockchain law. We look forward to developing tech education programs with Trinity College in Dublin. Our board member Jillian Godsil, is also a board member for the US Blockchain Association. Through our platform, Ignition, we will partner with EOS application developers to support the growth of the EOSIO network.

EOS Dublin works with SECFORCE, one of the UK’s leading independent security consulting companies, to provide testing and auditing of the EOS Dublin infrastructure on an ongoing basis.

Specialising in simulated target attacks, SECFORCE will be able to simulate an attack on our infrastructure without us having to wait for one, identifying any potential issues. This helps us sleep at night and allows us to demonstrate that our infrastructure is rock solid. Post launch, SECFORCE will also run red-team exercises against us whereby they will employ tactics such as social engineering to try and gain access to our systems.

TokenClub is a blockchain-based community for those interested in cryptocurrency investment and the blockchain industry. Members include investors, influencers and project teams who, when connected on token club, create value networks in this blockchain era. TokenClub currently has 400,000 active users on their app.