EOS London Meetup May 5th

EOS London Meetup May 5th

For this EOS London meetup we have a huge, 350 capacity venue that will include sponsored drinks, food and swag aplenty. You can expect:

– Domenic Thomas, CEO of WBI (EOS based Decentralized Bank)
– Dallas Johnston, CEO of Credify (EOS based reputation protocol)
– Larry Ma, CEO of EOS Cannon (EOS in China and community)

Latest EOS dApp Projects

Introduction to Block Producer Candidates: EOS42, eosDAC, EOS Dublin, EOSSw Eden, BitSpace, with video intros from EOS Gravity, EOSYS and OracleChain

Chintai – Token Leasing Delegation Marketplace

News – Dawn 3.0, Developer Toolkit, Blockchain Launch Preparations, EOS.IO Hackathon

Networking – meet the community!


EOS London

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