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“We firmly believe that the EOS network needs political and geographical diversity, EOS Dublin are ready to serve as the Irish BP at launch. It is no coincidence that all the major tech companies have their EU headquarters in Ireland. If you haven’t already been to Ireland, come, If you have, come back , we’ll be happy to show you around.”

—Sharif Bouktila, CEO


“Leveraging our unique experience from a blend of the corporate and start-up worlds, EOS Dublin brings together a wide range of skills and experiences with a hardworking, no-nonsense attitude to getting things done. Couple that with Ireland’s unique position, both geographically and politically, and you have a very interesting entity.”

—Sam Noble, CTO

EOS Dublin is a block producer based in Dublin, Ireland.

The four green dots on our logo represent our core values: Independence, Honesty, Integrity, and Education. We are the main hub for EOS in Ireland. We believe that EOS.IO represents a global paradigm shift towards a better digital world. EOS.IO is more than a technological advance, it’s about what becomes possible when we merge technology, community and individual commitment. To us, EOS block producers are akin to the janitor sweeping the floor at NASA. We play a small part in a world-changing venture. As block producers, we’re engineering the foundation for the future.